Capella-Aerial: Rotterdam Campaign


Our goal with the Rotterdam campaign was to collect and process hourly radar data over one of the busiest ports in the world to showcase the value of high revisit SAR data.

The Rotterdam dataset demonstrates the potential of Capella’s hourly change monitoring capability. Additionally, it shows the data format and product packaging of our data products. This unique dataset will be distributed under an open license so that users can develop novel applications benefiting from high temporal revisit using high resolution SAR data. Some of these applications include detection and classification of ships, floating lid oil tank detection and storage volume estimation, detection of urban elements for mapping purposes (buildings, streets, poles, industrial assets), car detection and counting, amplitude and coherent change detection applied to port activity, and estimation of waves and tides.

Our campaign occurred during August 4th, 22nd, and 23rd. We acquired 15 passes of a 10km by 8km Area of Interest (AOI) which is composed of multiple strips. Each strip is approximately 0.7km by 10km. The acquisitions have been made during daytime and the average time interval between acquisitions is 80 minutes. The data was processed using time-domain back-projection using the same grid for repeat passes. The noise level in the images is representative of the NESZ from Capella’s first generation satellites. However, we expect to produce images with improved radiometric resolution with the satellites in spotlight and sliding spotlight modes, compared to the Rotterdam aerial collects, due to the higher number of looks.

Mosaics of all of the flight lines will be available through the Console and API to provide an overview of the AOI. Due to the incidence angle variation at the borders of the scene the radiometry of the mosaic images will be slightly different.

For information on the applicable license for this data, please see our Data Licensing page.

Collection Properties

  Single Look Complex (SLC) Geocoded and Multilooked (GEO)
Polarization HH HH
Data Content Amplitude and Phase Amplitude only
Projection Ground projected Ground projected
Resolution 0.5 m slant range, 0.3 m azimuth 1 m ground range, 1 m azimuth
Number of Looks 1 4
File Format Cloud Optimized Geotiff Cloud Optimized Geotiff


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