Downloading Analytic products using the API

Analytic products are available as GeoTIFF images. There are a number of image "assets" produced each time the analytic algorithms run. Each product contains the following assets.

Note: the term "asset" in this case is a reference to a change map GeoTIFF file. 

Analytic products are part of the Area of Interest (AOI). To obtain links for downloading products, first obtain the product details using the /products{{aoi_id}} endpoint. Within the response is a "products" section with some metadata and assets listed. There are likely many products available, especially if continuous monitoring is enabled for the AOI as a new product will generate each time new data becomes available. 

The URL's provided in this response do not point directly at the asset. Calling these URLs will return a "signed url" which provides authenticated access to download the product.

In the example below, to obtain the A.tif product created 2020-06-12 22:06:57, first call the provided URL:

  "href": "

The response from the above endpoint includes a signed url that may be used to directly download the A.tif file.

Product portion of the /aoi response:

  "products": [
                "id": "4135d7b3-c5e0-4170-adf9-eb65299b3352",
                "job_id": "0bdede89-4e63-479e-9e82-20a1085f3865",
                "aoi_id": "58045dcd-77c9-4097-82eb-710181e3e58f",
                "user_id": "4d457ecc-7bbb-45f0-a9ae-b4fbf5f8609f",
                "date_created": "2020-06-12 22:06:57",
                "snapshots_processed": null,
                "date_start": "2019-05-27",
                "date_end": "2020-05-27",
                "collection_searched": "sentinel-s1-l2",
                "method_applied": "cov",
                "assets": {
                    "a": {
                        "href": "
4135d7b3-c5e0-4170-adf9-eb65299b3352/A.tif", "type": "image/tiff; application=geotiff;", "roles": [ "data" ], "title": "VV" }, "b": { "href": "
4135d7b3-c5e0-4170-adf9-eb65299b3352/B.tif", "type": "image/tiff; application=geotiff;", "roles": [ "data" ], "title": "VH" }, "a_cog": { "href": "
4135d7b3-c5e0-4170-adf9-eb65299b3352/A_cog.tif", "type": "image/tiff; application=geotiff; profile=cloud-optimized", "roles": [ "data" ], "title": "VV" }, "b_cog": { "href": "
4135d7b3-c5e0-4170-adf9-eb65299b3352/B_cog.tif", "type": "image/tiff; application=geotiff; profile=cloud-optimized", "roles": [ "data" ], "title": "VH" },


Accessing the data used to generate change map results

Within the "products" section, the original input used to generate change maps is available. This is found using the "stac_item_ref" key.

"stac_item_ref": "
catalog/collections/s1-change/items/4135d7b3-c5e0-4170-adf9-eb65299b3352", "stac_item_generated": null, "window_in_months": 12

 This URL points to the SAR image used to process the change result. 


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