Capella-Aerial: San Diego Campaign


Our goal with the San Diego Area campaign was to collect and process radar data using Capella’s radar engineering model hardware. Processing was done such that the data simulates what Capella expects from our first generation satellites.

Acquisitions were made over scenes with a diverse set of features, including ships, aircraft, bridges, roads, buildings (both industrial and residential), agricultural fields, and in areas with diverse topography.

The radar data was processed using a GPU-based back-projection algorithm developed at Capella. Single-look complex data was multi-looked to produce an image with a resolution of 0.5 m by 0.5 m. The noise level in the images is representative of the NESZ for the spotlight product from our future constellation. We expect to produce images with improved radiometric resolution with our satellite constellation, compared to this campaign, due to the higher number of looks.

For information on the applicable license for this data, please see our Data Licensing page. 

Collection Properties

  Single Look Complex (SLC) Geocoded and Multilooked (GEO)
Polarization HH HH
Data Content Amplitude and Phase Amplitude Only
Projection Ground projected Ground projected
Resolution 0.5m slant range, 0.5m azimuth <1m ground range, 0.5m azimuth
Number of Looks 1 9
File Format Cloud Optimized Geotiff Cloud Optimized Geotiff
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