Performing regular service and maintenance is an essential part of ensuring the reliability and performance of any system. Maintenance also serves as a mechanism for releasing new features to enhance overall space, ground software, or tasking system capabilities to better address customer needs and improve performance. At Capella we strive to achieve the highest levels of system reliability while also maintaining our pace of innovation and technology leadership. To balance these sometimes-competing objectives, we provide transparency to our customers why, how, and when we are conducting maintenance or undergoing service events to allow them to anticipate and plan their operations accordinglyIn the event on an unplanned outage that affects system capabilities we provide regular updates on the status of the outage and path to resolution.

As we are in the early stages of bringing the constellation into being with still more capabilities and enhancements being developed and released, there will be a higher initial frequency of maintenance periods. Wdo our utmost to conduct maintenance in a manner that is isolated to single systems to the greatest possible extent and minimizes impact to the tasking and collection pipeline. 

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