Specifying a Version for the Analytics API

The Analytics API supports versioning to allow time to adjust for upgrades that might break existing implementations. 

Capella maintains two API versions:

  • Current (most recent)
  • Previous

Version numbers are expressed as whole numbers (e.g., "v3"). Specifying a version is recommended but is not required. If no version is specified, the current version is assumed. 

To specify a version, use the Accept header as follows:

{'Accept' : 'application/vnd.chmo.v1+json'}

The example above explicitly requests version "1" of the API.


If an invalid version is provided, the following error is returned:

    "statusCode": 500,
    "response": "Version '2' is not supported by the API."


The version used is included in the API response. For example:

"version": "1"


Version info is available from the /version endpoint.

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