What types of sensors do Capella's satellites use?

Each Capella satellite carries an X-band, single-frequency radar capable of acquiring spotlight, sliding spotlight, and stripmap images. The main characteristics of the Capella SAR system are described in the below table:


Frequency Band

X-band (9.4 – 9.9 GHz)

Imaging Bandwidth

Up to 500 MHz

Imaging Modes

Spotlight | Sliding Spotlight | Stripmap

Imaging Polarizations

Single-Pol HH

Imaging Orbit Directions

Ascending & Descending

Imaging Look Directions

Left & Right

Imaging Latitude Ranges

Capella-2 Satellite: -48.9°S to +48.9°N

Look Angle Ranges

25° - 40° (Standard Products)

Up to 15° - 45° (Extended Products)

Up to 5° - 45° (Custom Products)

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