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What is happening:

Capella Space will perform updates and fixes to our tasking and constellation management systems.
The updates will be released starting Tuesday, February 9th 2021 at 10 am PDT. The release process will involve zero direct downtime of the tasking system.

Customers Affected:
Capella Space customers using the tasking products with outstanding tasking requests.

Affected products:

Capella Space Image Tasking

Expected behavior:
During the maintenance window, we expect Capella systems to continue to operate and process new tasking requests. 
Some previously submitted and outstanding tasking requests that are currently in the request status of "accepted" may be marked "anomaly" or "rejected" as a result of this update. This is because the update will clean up a subset of requests where their statuses were not being properly updated. There will be no expected downtime for submitting new requests, but this maintenance period has been created out of an abundance of caution around changes to our tasking product.

Why we're doing this:
The Capella team has identified a number of bugs in the Tasking Request and Collect status logic where a some state transitions were not being properly handled as requests moved through our automated collection pipeline. This release will fix the issue for previously submitted requests as well as prevent it in the future. This release also include a number of improvements which will prevent requests from ping-ponging between status codes, provide better feedback for request rejections, and help improve image delivery times. This update to the tasking and scheduling system is being performed
to increase the reliability and performance of the automated tasking systems.

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