Getting Access to Open Data

Capella's Open Data Program is free and accessible to all users of the Capella Console. If you have a console account, follow the directions below. If you don't have access to the Capella Console, please fill out our Join Capella’s Community form at the bottom of our Open Data Program page to begin the process.

Browsing Open Data

There are two options for browsing Open Data. After browsing, data can be downloaded via the cart.

1. Option 1 (recommended): Browsing via Open Data PDF Map

  • Requires downloading our Open Data PDF Map
  • Simple browsing of all 54 images
  • Direct link to imagery for ease of download

2. Option 2: Browsing directly through the Capella Console

  • If you would like to explore the console manually
  • Highlight specific areas of the world map with a search-box and filter by capella-open-data

Option 1: Open Data PDF Map (recommended)

The Open Data PDF map has direct links to the images in our Capella Console. From the console you can view and save imagery. 


Complete browsing and order process via Open Data PDF Map

  1. Open your Open Data Map PDF
    • capella_open_data_overview_map.png* Please open this map in Google Chrome or Adobe Reader/Acrobat to ensure links open properly. We have seen issues with Apple Preview improperly encoding links
  2. Inside the PDF you'll see pages for the Americas, APAC, EU, and MESEA
  3. Browse to each page to view a detailed list of locationsMESEA.png
  4. Once you have a location of interest, log into the Capella Console through your browser
  5. Returning to Open Data PDF Map, click the desired open_link_mouseover.png
  6. The link will open to Capella Console in your browser
  7. From here you can select the image on the left and zoom into the map to preview the image
  8. When you're ready you can add images to your cart and download them

Option 2: Direct Console Browsing

If you do not have access to the Open Data PDF or would like to browse through the console, you can draw a search box over a region and filter by the 'capella-open data' collection. If you do not see this collection, please reach out to [email protected]

  1. Log into the Capella Console
  2. Use the Search Box feature to highlight a desired region
    • open_data_console_browse.gif
      • Browsing process via the Console
      • We recommend zooming in to ensure the imagery's perimeter is clearly visible
    • You can refer to the below map to target your highlightscapella_open_data_overview_map.png
  3. From here you can select the image on the left and zoom into the map to preview the image
  4. When you're ready you can add images to your cart and download them

Downloading Open Data

After choosing image(s) from Capella's Open Data program, you can add the desired images to your cart and generate download links. All Open Data images are free of charge.


Adding images to cart and generating download link

Adding Images to your Cart

  1. Check the box next to your desired image(s)
  2. Click Add to Cart
  3. You can search for additional images for your cart if desired
    • At this time items in the cart are not saved to your account. Items will be removed if your session is logged out and you will be affected by the 1-hour logout timer
  4. Once you've added all your images you can submit your free order and download the data

Submitting your order for Download

  1. Click the icon in either the upper-right hand corner or on the left navigation bar
  2. Click Review Order
  3. Confirm your selections and total cost of $0.00 and click Submit Order
  4.  You'll be sent to a confirmation page where you can download data:download_links.png
    1. Individually per scene and data type 
    2. Via the One-Click Download link
      1. This may take a minute or two to appear depending on the number of scenes
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