The constellation tasking system supports 1-Day, 3-Day, and 7-Day tasking which give the user additional control of new acquisition collect timeframe and tasking request priority.


When a new acquisition tasking request is submitted the user is required to select a Window Open and a Tasking Tier. By default the constellation tasking system will attempt to schedule the new acquisition for the timeframe period of the selected Tasking Tier following the Window Open start date. For example, if a tasking request is submitted with a Window Open of January 1st and a 3-day Tasking Tier new acquisition collect opportunities from January 1st through January 4th will be evaluated by the scheduler. 


For additional flexibility, a user has the option to set Window Close to a period longer than the Tasking Tier period, for cases where they would prefer data acquisition within a certain Tasking Tier period, but would also accept data collected outside of that period. In this case, the user will only be charged for the Tasking Tier that aligns with the acquisition time when their imagery is actually collected. For example, if a tasking request is submitted with a Window Open of January 1st, a 1-day tier and Window Close of January 8th, and the image is collected on the 4th day, the user will only be charged for the 7-day tier. It is not possible to set the Window Close for a shorter period than the selected Tasking Tier. 

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