Adding Items to the Cart

  1. Click the Add to Cart button

  2. You'll see the item count increase in cart cart_increase.png

  3. To order additional products click Back to Search

  4. Repeat as needed



Reviewing Orders

When you're ready to purchase the selected imagery:

  1. Click the cart icon in either:
    1. The lower left hand corner
    2. The upper right hand corner
      • cart_icons.png
  2. Review the products
  3. Remove any products by clicking the "x" in the top right of each Item
    • remove_item.png


Completing the Order

To complete the order:

  1. Click on the Review Order button
  2. A summary of the size and cost of the order appears
  3. To modify the order, click Back to Cart to make adjustments
  4. To complete the order, click the Submit New Order button


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