With Capella's tasking service, it is very easy to create a new tasking request for standard products. Capella's tasking service accepts tasking requests for point targets and areas as defined by a bounding box or polygon area of interest (AOI).

To start a new tasking request, first draw a point, bounding box, or polygon on the map. If Capella already has imagery in the archive for this AOI, it will show up in the results list on the left. To make a tasking request for this AOI, click the Add Tasking Request button. 




Next, provide a tasking request name, description, and choose the Window Open time for the tasking request. Window Open is the earliest time (in UTC) that you would like the tasking request to begin. Then select the appropriate Tasking Tier for your tasking request. This can be 7 day, 3day, or 1 day. The Tasking Tier will determine the period of time within which Capella will attempt to serve your request. Then select the Imaging Mode desired for your tasking request as either: Spotlight, Stripmap, or Sliding Spotlight. 

Optional parameters are also available for tasking requests:

  • Window Close: set this parameter if you have a large AOI tasking request or if you are willing to accept data collection beyond a 7 day period.
  • Pre-Approval: choose this option if you would like to skip the pricing review step and want the tasking request to be submitted as quickly as possible.
  • Look Direction: choose "right" or "left".
  • Orbit Direction: choose "ascending" or "descending". 

Click the Create Task button when you are ready to submit your request for review.

For point target tasking, our Mission Awareness tool can provide a list of collection opportunities within one week from "Window Open".  



Review the summary of your tasking request and ensure the details you have entered are correct. You can then submit the tasking request by clicking Submit New Task or modify the request by clicking Modify.


The tasking request will be received by our scheduler.



If you did not select pre-approval, you will receive an email when the estimated cost of your tasking request is ready for review. The email will provide you with a link back to the Console. You can find tasking requests that require approval in the tasks list with a current status of "Review". Click View Details to see the tasking request details and cost estimate.



During this review step, the user can "submit" or "cancel" the tasking request. This step is not necessary if you have selected "pre-approval" in the "optional parameters" when creating the tasking request.



You can continue to follow the progress of your tasking request on this page. If a tasking request is accepted by the system, it will move to an "Accepted" or "Active" status. Accepted status means that the tasking request can be fulfilled within the current planning window. An Active status means that Capella will attempt to fulfill the tasking request, but it will not be completed within the current planning window.

If a request is "Rejected", it means that Capella cannot collect the tasking request as specified. This may be due to the fact that the satellite cannot access your target within the specified window or that the collection schedule is full at that time. You will need to resubmit the request within a different time period or with different tasking parameters. In case of rejection messages for each task status are displayed on the task details page.

When the status is "Accepted" or "Active" additional information on the collects is provided. In the example below. a single image will be collected to fulfill the target tasking request. In the case of AOI tasking request, this tool is descriptive of all the collects that compose the tasking request providing: collect ID, status and acquisition date. The color code allows the user to associate each collect with the status and their location on the map.







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