Change analytic results may be adjusted to increase or suppress the sensitivity of change displayed. Each pixel in a change map is assigned a value between 0 and 1 which represents the score determined by the change detection algorithm for each pixel over the evaluated time period. Pixels with a value closer to "0" represent less change was detected (or less likelihood of change). Pixels with a value closer to "1" represent more change detected.

The change score value is adjustable from the default and is useful for inspecting changes within an AOI for the selected time range. 

Change Score is adjusted by moving the slider located on the "Layers" map control (on the AOI Details screen). The Change Score slider effects all selected change map layers (Vertical Change and Surface Change). The following image shows the Change Score with a default value of 0.75. 


The Change Score may be adjusted interactively to view results with increased and decreased change sensitivity. The following images demonstrate Change Score adjustments. The image on the left, has a lower Change Score, increasing the sensitivity to change. Increasing change sensitivity is useful for spotting potential change, but tends to increase "noise." The image on the right uses a high change score to highlight areas with highest change likelihood. 

mceclip3.png   mceclip2.png

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