Active, Paused, and Archived AOIs

AOI's are managed using different states:

  • Active
  • Paused
  • Archived

Active and Paused

Active AOIs continuously generate new Sentinel-1 based change results as data becomes available. To prevent AOIs from automatically updating, an AOI is set to Paused. All existing change map results remain available, but the system stops checking for new data and automatically generating change results. 

AOIs are Active by default when they are created. 

The state of an AOI is changed from the AOI Configuration Screen (accessed from the AOI Details Page)


To pause and active AOI, select the "PAUSE" option. A paused AOI can be re-activated by selecting "RESUME" option. 

Screen_Shot_2020-06-10_at_12.24.19_PM.png.    Screen_Shot_2020-06-10_at_12.24.44_PM.png

If a paused AOI is resumed, the system checks for data since the last change result was generated and fills in the gaps. If the gap is greater than the AOI initialization time range (usually 1 year), the AOI is resumed with the same parameters as newly created AOIs (with all existing historical data preserved).


AOI's may be archived. Once an AOI is archived it is no longer available in the application. Archived AOIs are not continuously monitored. Restoring an archived AOI requires a system administrator. So setting an AOI to Archived should be considered a form of deletion (although all results and existing data are preserved). 

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