Tasking requests that have Accepted or Active status can be cancelled by the user that submitted the request using either the Capella Console or Capella API. If an order is cancelled the following cancellation policy applies: 


Cancellation Timeframe

Cancellable? Cost

> 72 hours before first collect of order

Yes No Charge

12 - 72 hours before first collect of order

Yes 25% Charge of full order value

< 12 hours before first collect of order

No 100% value of the order


This cancellation policy applies to individual new acquisition tasking orders on a tasking-request-by-tasking-request basis. If multiple separate tasking requests are submitted to cover a very large area or repeatedly collect an area-of-interest (AOI) to build a multi-temporal series the cancellation policy applies to each individual tasking request separately. Once a tasking request is scheduled users can access the collect times and determine the acquisition time for the first collect of order using either the Capella Console or REST API. 


For individual tasking requests which require multiple collects to cover the area-of-interest (AOI) the cancellation deadline is determined by the very first collect. Consequently, once the 12-hour deadline is passed for individual multi-scene tasking orders the new acquisition tasking order can no longer be cancelled, all data products will be acquired & delivered, and full order value will be charged. Finally, if a tasking request is automatically rescheduled by the constellation tasking system within the scope of the designated acquisition window duration the cancellation deadlines reset and are moved in timeframe along with the rescheduled tasking request. 

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