Capella's Standard Stripmap imagery product is 20 km long by 5 km wide but many use cases are better served with larger image sizes. Our Custom product category allows customers to capture Stripmap images up to 200 km long and 10 km wide. This can be useful for single-image maritime domain awareness captures or for more easily and efficiently covering an Area of Interest (AOI).

Steps to create a custom Stripmap image

  1. In the Capella Console, create a new task for your point target or AOI.
  2. Set Image Mode to Stripmap.
  3. Set Product Category to Custom.
  4. Adjust the Image Width slider to value between 5 and 10 km.
  5. Adjust the Image Length slider to a value between 5 and 200 km.
  6. Click Create Task.




Standard 5 x 20 km Stripmap image.


Custom 10 x 20 km Stripmap image.


Impact of custom image width selection

Larger image length & width provides the ability to cover areas more easily with fewer collects. To generate a wider image, Capella is using our standard Stripmap collection mode and only modifying the way the data is processed. As a result of that, beyond the standard width of 5 km, customers can expect a slight increase in noise towards the edge of the image. In the example above, a gradient in the brightness of the image is noticeable across the range direction.

Ship Detection - Larger image sizes are perfect for detecting ships. Very bright targets will still be detectable at the border of wider Stripmap images given that the intensity of their signal is well-above the slightly higher noise level.

Landcover Classification - Target detection and landcover are also great use cases for larger image sizes. The increase in noise may, however, limit the efficacy of some automatic processing techniques at the edge of image depending on the brightness of the target.


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