Change Monitoring Release Notes - October 2020

ENHANCEMENT: Capella VHR Imagery Integrated

Capella VHR data is now available to Change Monitoring AOIs. Data is automatically retrieved from the catalog based on the AOI boundary. Individual collects are displayed along the timeline in the console. 


API versioning was added to the Change Monitoring API. The version number is specified on the Accept header. For example, to specify version "1":


Capella supports the current version and the prior version. If no version is provided on the accept header, the current API version is used.

FIX: Auto-start of New AOI's

Issues related to starting continuous monitoring for newly created AOI's is now resolved. When a new AOI is created (through the console or API), Change Monitoring will automatically download Sentinel-1 data for a period of one year and will continue to generate new results as new data is detected. 

FIX: Issue creating AOI's across the anti-meridian

When drawing an AOI it is possible to pan to the far left or right into a coordinate range beyond -180 to 180 degrees which caused AOI update failures due to invalid coordinates. 


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