Tasking and SAR Data Access Release Notes - November 2020


New Features

  • A new mission awareness UI element and API endpoint are now available. This gives you an indication of when a satellite can access you target.
  • The collection opportunities within the next 7 days will be listed below the "Window Open" and the "Tasking Tier" fields. When the "Window Open" is updated the list of collection opportunities is updated as well.


  • You can now constrain Standard Tasking by Observation Direction and Orbit Direction (State). We have added options to constrain standard tasking by the look direction (left or right) and by orbit direction (ascending or descending).


  • We provide a new Mapbox Satellite Optical Basemap. As shown is the example below, in a Stripmap Image collected over Stanford University, the new optical high resolution basemap can be a helpful tool for SAR image interpretation.




  • You can now type coordinates into the search box and have a pin drop on that location when you hit enter. You will have the option of selecting lon, lat or lat, lon coordinate order.

  • "predicted" status has been added to the tasking page. The "predicted" status means that the  collection opportunity has been predicted but uploaded to the satellite yet. This helps you to keep track of the submitted tasks.
  • Messages and status for each task status are now displayed on the task details page.


  • We have improved the UI to make sure that the window duration on a tasking request is over 1 month, the "Window Duration" field in the tasking configuration info doesn't get cutoff on the UI.


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