Change Monitoring Release Notes - November 2020

New Features

  • We now display the Sentinel-1 images used to generate the result are displayed on the timeline for the selected result. This allows better transparency as to the acquisition dates and number of SAR images used to generate the result. Note: some Sentinel-1 images are omitted from CoV processing due to quality checks or to prevent mixing ascending and descending orbits.
  • API is now upgraded to Version 2. 
  • In the API endpoint /aoi we've removed the product and job detail sections. This information is now accessed using the /jobs or /products endpoints. 


  • For Sentinel-2 optical background maps, we have switched from weekly to monthly spacing on timeline. The application chooses the best image (least cloud coverage) +/- 10 days from the timeline dot.
  • Sentinel-2 data is now extended for the entire timeline dating back to January 2017.
  • Use of Sentinel-1 data is now restricted to Jan 2017 or later.
  • We've increased how often the platform checks for new Sentinel-1 data to run CoV processing. The processing trigger now runs hourly from 8-5 EST. In the near future this will extend to 24 x 7.
  • We've increased the paging increments for the AOI search page. The application now fetches 100 AOIs per page. 


  • Fixed the default timeline zoom. Previously the default timeline zoom level prevented scrolling to see most recent dates. 
  • Fixed the Sentinel CoV change results colors that were inverted between the timeline and the layer selection control. 
  • Fixed download of active layer.
  • Fixed a problem where the SAR timeline rows were disappearing. 







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