Tasking and SAR Data Access Release Notes - December 2020

New Features

Extended and Custom Data Products

Users now have the ability to submit tasking requests in three different SAR imagery product categories in order to acquire new SAR imagery products that meet specific project needs and satisfy unique mission requirements. When configuring a new acquisition tasking request users can select from Standard (default), Extended or Custom product categories:
Extended data products expands the available look angles for new tasking requests from the Standard default setting (25° to 40°) to broader look angle ranges for each SAR imaging mode in order to increase acquisition opportunities:
  • Spotlight - 15° to 40°
  • Sliding Spotlight - 15° to 45°
  • Stripmap - 15° to 45°


Custom data products tasking allows users to specify additional advanced SAR imaging acquisition parameters such as scene length and spatial resolution. With Custom tasking there is also the option to acquire data products in the full accessible range of look angles:

  • Spotlight - 5° to 40°
  • Sliding Spotlight - 5° to 45°
  • Stripmap - 5° to 45°


Console Image Catalog Search - Filter Updates

Image catalog search filters have been updated, we added multiple options such as product category, orbit state, orbit direction, and resolution:





  • Modified the zoom level in the tasking page to provide a better user experience.
  • The properties labels have been updated to be simpler to understand and more meaningful to the user.
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