Change Monitoring Release Notes - December 2020

Area of Interest Screenshot

Note: Light colored grayscale image (left) is Sentinel-1 with upgraded visualization. The darker grayscale image (center) is a Capella SAR stripmap. The timeline mouse hover shows the Capella SAR acquisition details. 


New Features

  • Timeline popup information now displays on mouse hover to display details about the item. We now display the following for each type of layer:
Capella SAR CoV Results Sentinel-1 SAR Sentinel-2 Optical
Screen_Shot_2021-01-05_at_3.37.30_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-05_at_3.37.54_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-05_at_3.38.40_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-05_at_3.39.03_PM.png



  • Added additional zoom levels for the timeline for smoother transition between time ranges.
  • Adjusted timeline marker spacing to optimize use of screen space.
  • AOI create button is now hidden for users that cannot create AOIs.
  • Job creation now ensures S-1 data is ingested for the analytic window (API only).
  • S-1 visualization enhanced for better contrast. The difference is shown below:
Original New Enhanced
mceclip0.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-05_at_11.05.44_PM.png



  • Fixed issues with timeline markers not positioning correctly on the timeline. 
  • Resolved issues causing geojson to be rejected due to embedded HTML content when uploaded to create a new AOI. The HTML content is now removed from the file as it is not used by the system.
  • Fixed issue with S-1 imagery not displaying for some AOIs.
  • Fixed bug displaying S-1 imagery beyond the 1 year history mark.
  • Fixed an issue where some jobs where reporting success when they actually failed. 

API Version

Recent changes have caused issues supporting the API version 1 (legacy version). As a result, this release supports only version 2 (current version).

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