Change Monitoring Release Notes - January 2021



New Features

Tasking from Change Monitoring Console

Users with tasking permissions now have the ability to place tasking orders directly from a Change Monitoring AOI. Select "Add Tasking Request" displays a reticule that can be adjusted within the AOI. Tasks created from Change Monitoring are requested as Spotlight with 7-day tier and a 14-day window. If different tasking parameters are required it's best to use the Capella Console for flexibility. 

mceclip0.png     mceclip1.png

Capella Imagery-based Change Detection

Time-series change detection on Capella very high resolution (VHR) imagery is now available. Change detection applies the coefficient of variation (CoV) algorithm to detect changes over a time range of Capella imagery collects. If VHR changemaps are available, a new layer displays in the Layers Panel. The following screenshot shows a change result over Capella imagery.


Analytic Registry

Analytics are now supported through a registry mechanism to selectively enable algorithms by organization.


  • Basemap label sizes were increased for better readability.
  • Disabled edit configuration from the AOI details page when users without edit permissions.
  • Changed extension of AOI boundary to .geojson (from .json)
  • Search by AOIs using a lat, lon or lon, lat in the search text box.


  • Limit VHR analytics to run only on VHR products available to an organization. 
  • Fixed issue with downloaded geojson AOI boundaries omitting "properties" and causing issues with other parsers.
  • Fixed issue with update date format.

API Version

Remains unchanged at version 2.

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