Tasking and SAR Data Access Release Notes - 8 June 2021

New Features

GEC and SICD product types

Two new data product types are now available on Capella Console for all our users. 

Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected (GEC) 

The GEC image product type is a detected multi-looked SAR dataset which has been geocoded and projected onto the WGS84 ellipsoid. Similar to the GEO image product type a GEC image is range-compressed and focused. The average scene center height is used to generate the GEC image product type and no terrain correction is performed. Consequently, GEC images are ideally suited for users who wish to analyze imagery over areas with significant topographic relief without any DEM correction applied. The pixel values and radiometric calibration process for the GEC image product types are the same as the GEO images. 

Sensor Independent Complex Data (SICD)

In addition to the SLC format, we now deliver our single look complex image data in the Sensor Independent Complex Data (SICD) standard specification. SICD formatted imagery products are delivered as a single NITF format file (*.ntf) which contains both the single look complex image data and the relevant SAR metadata. 

SICD is a U.S. national geospatial-intelligence (GEOINT) standard designed for the storage and dissemination of SAR single look complex (SLC) image data in a sensor-independent manner. The SICD standard leverages the well-established National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) container format with customized raster segments and metadata tags specifically designed for the storage of SAR complex image products. Capella's SICD format complex image products are compliant with version 1.2.1 of the SICD standard published on 13 December 2018. 

Finding GEC and SICD Data in the Console 

The search filters options in the Front End have been update in order to easily find GEC and SICD collections. 



Improved Mission Awareness

The Mission Awareness tool has been updated to better inform users when creating tasking requests. 

Users can refresh potential access times on demand to reflect changes to their tasking parameters. Access opportunities will be updated based on the following tasking parameters: Window Open, Tasking Tier, Window Close, Look Angle, Observation Direction and Orbit State.




Custom Products Update

We are now supporting the tasking of custom Stripmaps 200 km long!






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