Tasking and SAR Data Access Release Notes - 8 September 2021


New Features

Mission Awareness Enhancements

Enable Mission Awareness refresh on 'Product Category' change

The Refresh Access Times button is now enabled whenever a change is made to the Product Category value on the Create New Task page. This is important because for example, when moving between Standard and Extended product categories, the default look angle values change and the user should have the ability to update Mission Awareness to reflect the most accurate potential satellite access times.


Mission Awareness CSV download 

The Mission Awareness CSV download has been modified at this release to improve the formatting and display of the potential satellite access time data:

  • The accessProperties field is now broken out into the following fields for more efficient filtering, sorting and interpretation of the data
    • Orbit State
    • Look Direction
    • Local Mean Time
    • Azimuth Open
    • Azimuth Close
    • Elevation Minimum
    • Elevation Maximum
    • Off-Nadir Minimum
    • Off-Nadir Maximum
  • The first two fields of the CSV file, 'Center WGS84' and 'Center ECEF', are point objects and are now formatted to each display within a single field in the CSV


Orbital Plane Improvement

The Orbital Plane input in the Optional Parameters section of the Create New Task page has been enhanced to provide a better user experience. The existing check boxes have been replaced by a multi-select dropdown input control to improve usability and provide greater consistency with the rest of the User Interface.




One or more selections can be made in the drop-down and all selected values will appear in the input box:



If no selections are made (the default), then it is assumed there is no preference for Orbital Plane value and all values are included in the tasking request.


Additional Changes

  • Improvements to the API documentation for Data Access and Access and Entitlement sections
    • Enable the Authorize button for the Data Access page so endpoints can be exercised interactively
    • Response Description and Response Code of GET /orders endpoint corrected for accuracy
    • Body for POST /token/refresh endpoint corrected for accuracy
  • Fix for an issue where incorrect coordinates were passed when searching for imagery over a large geographic area
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