Tasking and SAR Data Access Release Notes - 22 September 2021

New Features

Zoom Limitation

Preview imagery in the Capella Console web application is subject to zoom limitation constraints based on data access. An additional condition was added at this release for access to full zoom preview imagery:

  • Image is in a free collection (Capella Open Data program)

  • User is a member of an Organization that has purchased the image

  • User is a member of the Organization that originally tasked the image

  • User is a member of an Organization with 'Organization Type' value of 'Reseller'

Additionally, 'Full zoom access' is now a configurable property at the Organization level and is editable by Administrator users.


Email Notifications

Additional email notifications for Organization Managers

Prior to this release, only the user who initiates order and task requests receive the automated notification emails generated by the Capella platform. In some cases, Organization Managers are responsible for coordinating the activities of many staff members and prefer to be notified of Console activity by all users in their organization.

At this release, a new email preference is added to the My Profile screen for Organization Manager users. Organization Managers can opt into receiving email notifications for activity across the organization by enabling the Receive emails for all organization activity option:




Email preferences in user configuration

To accommodate the additional email preference for Organization Managers, the Receive Additional Emails section of the My Profile screen was renamed to Email Preferences. Additionally, display text was added to the checkbox and the tooltip help text was updated to be more descriptive:




Additional Changes

  • A fix was implemented to correct cases where asset download links were misaligned on the Order Details page
  • The max look angle value for custom Stripmap and custom Sliding Spotlight was corrected to 45 degrees, from 40 degrees.


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